Local milk delivered the old way


On the outskirts of Frome, Tytherington Milk Station is located on the farmgate at Bullsbridge Farm in the village of Tytherington. Bullsbridge Farm is a traditional family run dairy farm home to the Salmon family for over 80 years. Andy Salmon has lived at the farm his whole life and is the 3rd generation of the family. Andy and his wife Emma wanted to sell milk direct from the farm and this is how the idea of the Milk Station was born.

The Milk Station was established in 2017 and comprises of a very simple to use milk vending machine. The vending machine on the farm gate is open daily from 7am to 7pm where you can dispense your own milk direct into a lovely reusable 1 litre Tytherington Milk Station glass bottle or you are welcome to bring your own container. Glass bottles are available to be purchased in an adjacent vending machine next to the milk vending machine.  

Our Cows

The farm is home to a happy healthy herd of 240 Holstein Friesian dairy cows which are milked twice a day to produce the delicious milk that we sell via vending machines. Andy and his family work hard to ensure that the cows receive the highest level of care and welfare.

We are part of the Pro-Active Dairy Farming initiative, which is run by our vets, Garston House. This initiative looks to improve all aspects of dairy cow health, be that, body condition, locomotion scoring, blood testing, everything about trying to improve animal health and welfare.

Tytherington Milk Station are proud to be associated with the Free Range Dairy initiative. As long as the fields are dry enough for the cows to access, we want them out in the fields grazing. When the winter months come, we have to keep them inside and cosy eating the silage and maize that we harvested throughout the Summer and Autumn months.

Our Milk

Why is it different to the Supermarket?

Milk found in supermarkets is often so processed it is unrecognisable from its original form and has travelled hundreds of miles around the country.

  • By selling milk direct we have had the opportunity to provide a product that has been produced and consumed locally reducing the farm’s carbon footprint. The milk processing room is situated just a stone’s through away from the farmgate vending machine and within a short distance from our other sites.
  • It' SUPER FRESH – the milk is produced and pasteurised within 24 hours of the cows being milked. In comparison milk in the supermarket can be a week old by the time it hits the shelves!
  • Our milk is gently pasteurised in small batches using a traditional, lower temperature method over a longer period of time. This allows the milk to retain its natural flavour and goodness.
  • The milk has not been altered by the homogenisation process. Homogenisation is a mechanical process that typically involves high temperatures, agitation and filtration, all aimed at breaking down the naturally occurring fat molecules in milk into a smaller, more uniform size. When the molecules have been broken down, they will stay suspended within the milk and not separate. Hence there isn’t a layer of cream on the top of homogenised milk. This process has no health or nutritional benefit and is carried out to give a longer shelf-life and to make the milk ‘whiter’ in colour, with the absence of the natural cream line. If you do not like the cream at the top just give it a shake to mix back in.

Reducing Plastic

Glass is class!

Reducing plastic usage is very important to us and everyone is becoming more conscious of the impact that plastic is having on the environment. At Tytherington milk station reusable glass bottles can be purchased, and these bottles can be reused every time you need a refill. Once purchased these bottles are yours to keep, just wash the bottle thoroughly ideally in a dishwasher and keep reusing. Since opening in 2017 we would have saved thousands of plastic milk bottles going into landfill. Milk in glass bottles also tastes even better!

Where to find us

We currently have 4 machines running:

Bullsbridge Farm

Tytherington, BA11 5EP

7am – 7pm, cash only

Station Approach

Frome, BA11 1RE

24 hours, contactless payments only

Crockerton Garden Centre

Warminster, BA12 8AP

7am – 4.30pm, contactless payments only

Green Park Station

Bath, BA1 1JB

24 hours, contactless payments only

Get in touch

We can supply and deliver to café’s and wholesale customers, so please contact us for more details.

For more information about Tytherington Milk Station, please contact us.